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Metals are used in all sorts of products and applications across the globe. Based on Iron as base metal all metals are classified as ferrous and non-ferrous. Stainless Steel, Copper, Bronze, Brass, Titanium, Tungsten and Aluminum helped make modern day commercial aviation possible. Stainless steel appliances wouldn’t be around if not for nickel and chromium. Copper cables and other conducting metals are useful in transporting the electrical enegy. Even new technologies involving solar cells use metals, such as silicon and cadmium. Metals are seemingly exist everywhere.

Aligning with importance and requirement metal fabrication and stamping processes help produce accurate, custom parts for the national defense, aerospace, healthcare, and automotive industries, too. Things like fuel injectors, oxygen sensors, and brake systems work because of metals

Ranka Metals offers the best and supply various domains of metals in the market. .We are the Authorised Distributor for Jindal Stainless Steel Limited (JSL) to cater stainless steel in various forms like sheets, rods, bars, plates, pipes and tubes

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